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On September 7, Mnet uploaded a fun clip of the Wanna One members talking about the filming of their “Energetic” music video.

First, Kim Jae Hwan commented that he liked how the choreography of “Energetic” has a pause and then a burst of energy, which Ong Sung Woo and Kang Daniel agreed to.

Then, Park Woo Jin shyly chose his individual part as his favorite because of the powerful rapping and performance. Yoon Ji Sung agreed and added that he liked Park Woo Jin’s kicks.

Lee Dae Hwi said he likes the beginning of the song and how the beat starts when he starts to sing. Bae Jin Young also agreed and said the piano sound got stuck in his head right away.

Hwang Min Hyun said, “They say the introduction of a song is one of the most important parts,” to which Bae Jin Young added, “You’re the piano!” and they high-fived each other for thinking on the same wavelength.

Lai Guan Lin said he had the “killing part” of the song which was the last four lines. Hwang Min Hyun endlessly praised Lai Guan Lin, saying that he looked super cool during his rap part with his swag gestures, especially during the scene where he pushed up his sunglasses.

Hwang Min Hyun then shared that he was happy about the water balloon fight scene because they could film without feeling the summer heat. Yoon Ji Sung also spoke about the water scene during filming and said, “This is not a water fight but war!”

Kang Daniel revealed that during his scene with Lai Guan Lin, he had to bench press 20 kilograms (approximately 44 pounds) of weights and had to hold up the bar while the camera shot Lai Guan Lin first, to which the other members commented, “You got a good workout!”

Ong Sung Woo chose the shopping cart scene as his favorite, and the other members agreed, saying that his hilarious facial expressions made everyone laugh on set. Yoon Ji Sung chose his car scene as a difficult one, saying that his legs were stuck in that position even on the bus back home.

Ha Sung Woon chose the bubble gum scene as an unexpectedly difficult scene to shoot because the members couldn’t all blow bubbles at the same time. In the end, the director gave up and shot each member one by one.

Park Woo Jin shared that filming was hard because of the heat and lack of shade. But most of all, being surrounded by bees was the worst. He then added an anecdote from his childhood, revealing that he had to wait outside of his apartment for over two hours because of bees.

Finally, Park Ji Hoon talked about the difficulties of bathing in donuts. He said, “My clothes and shoes got ruined because it was so hot and humid. I got soaked.” The other members asked if he ate any of the donuts, joking that he looked a bit chubbier when he came back from filming that scene. Park Ji Hoon quietly responded, “I can’t say I didn’t eat it.”

Wanna One also uploaded numerous behind-the-scenes photos from the set of their music video.

Watch the commentary video of “Energetic” below!

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