NU’EST’s JR Reveals The Most Rebellious Thing He’s Ever Done And Shares Story Behind His Casting

During his appearance on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” on September 9, NU’EST’s JR shared some interesting stories from his school days.

First, JR asked the cast of “Ask Us Anything” to guess the most rebellious thing he’s ever done in his life. After taking a few guesses, he revealed, “I did this when I was 15 and in middle school. At the time, my school had really strict hair regulations as an all-boys school. You were only allowed to have short hair, but once I became a trainee, they let me grow my hair out. So I did and that’s the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done.”

Considering that JR was attending school in Gangneung, Gangwon Province, the cast members were curious to know how he was cast by Pledis Entertainment. He explained, “One day, I was on my way home after finishing all my classes for the day when I was approached by an agency representative who asked me if I wanted to become a celebrity.”

JR also added, “I heard this a while ago, but the casting director said that my middle school came up in their dreams the day before they met me. That made them think, ‘So if I go to that school, there will be a kid there to join our agency.'”

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