WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo Picks His Ideal Type

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo recently sat down for an interview.

During the interview, the reporter asked, “You are at the age to date. Is dating banned?”

At that, Kim Jin Woo answered, “Dating isn’t banned. You can date, but you can’t get caught.”

When asked about his dating style, he answered that he goes all in and gives her everything. When asked about his ideal type, he picked actress Moon Chae Won. He said, “Even my fans know that my ideal type is a pretty girl. I was a fan of Moon Chae Won since the drama ‘Good Doctor.'”

The reporter then teased, “You’re handsome, and you want your girlfriend to be pretty. In the past, you were embarrassed when people called you handsome, but now, you just accept it.”

Kim Jin Woo said, “Yes. Up until last year, I used to get shy whenever someone called me handsome, but after I kept hearing it, I started accepting it. I think it’s better to accept it in a fun way rather than refuse the compliment.”

The reporter said, “You must have been told that you don’t have a ‘YG’ face.”

Kim Jin Woo agreed, “Especially when I was a trainee, they used to say that I don’t have a YG face, but an SM one.”

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