BTOB Members Thank Fans On 2000 Days Since Debut

BTOB has reached 2,000 days since their official debut on March 21, 2012. To celebrate this special occasion, BTOB members uploaded posts on their personal social media accounts and thanked their fans.

Yook Sungjae posted a short video in the car talking to his members about how it has been 2000 days since their debut with the caption, “You can’t see very well because I’m in the car ㅜㅜ [Korean letters as sad eyes emoji] BTOB 2000 days!! Thank you! Tonight will be a party! Everyone eat chicken”

차안이라서 잘안보여ㅜㅜ 비투비 2000일!!감사합니다! 오늘밤은 파티다! 다들 치킨 드세여

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Peniel tweeted in English, “2000 days! whoa~thanks for all the love and support guys!” then the Korean translation of what he said in English.

BTOB’s leader Eun Kwang posted photos of the group with their fans from previous fan meetings with the caption, “Ah..I uploaded a serious post not too long ago kekeke so I’m a bit embarrassed to get serious again kekekeke Happy 2000 days to us!!!! I always say I’m happy, but I’m really happy beyond my imagination! Because we BTOB have Melody! My people will surely be happy being with someone as happy as me! Let’s continue to be happy together! More than now more than anyone else [hearts emoji] Ah I’m so happy~~~I feel so good~~~I’m happy!! We love MELODY in the world [hearts emoji]”

Recently, BTOB also celebrated reaching 1 million followers on their official BTOB Twitter account.

Congratulations to BTOB and Melodys!