PD Kim Tae Ho Personally Apologizes To Viewers For “Infinite Challenge” Cancellation

On September 9, PD Kim Tae Ho of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” posted an apology on his personal Twitter account in light of the MBC producers’ strike that has resulted in cancellations of variety shows.

He wrote, “The ‘Infinite Challenge’ broadcast for today, September 9, will be substituted with the ‘History and Hip Hop’ special. I sincerely apologize to the viewers. If you watch the film ‘Criminal Conspiracy,’ you will understand why ‘Infinite Challenge’ stopped and why MBC is on strike. We will return as an improved program. Thank you.”

The documentary film “Criminal Conspiracy” mentioned above is centered around the changes and failures of the Korean public broadcasting system in the past 10 years since the Lee Myung Bak presidency.

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