VIXX LR’s Ravi And Leo Open Up About Youth, Concerns, And Dreams

VIXX members Ravi and Leo, who are currently promoting “Whisper” as the unit VIXX LR, partook in an interview where they shared their thoughts on things they want to do, their concerns, and what they want to tell the youth.

When asked what he wants to do the most during his youth, Leo admitted, “There were many times when I was exhausted while living the life of Jung Taek Woon (Leo’s real name), but I think I endured the process well and grew from it, and that’s what I think youth is.” He added, “One by one, I am accomplishing the things I dreamed about and the youth I wanted to live.”

Ravi was asked his most memorable moment from his 20s, to which he responded, “Those would be the moments as [a member of] VIXX spent with Starlights and the members because those parts take up the most of my 20s.”

Then, Ravi chose the word “trust” as the keyword for youth because he thinks, “Youth lasts as long as you trust it to be your youth,” and the best image that encompasses youth is “being full of energy and passion about your dreams and future.”

The two members also opened up about their biggest concerns these days. Leo said, “I am looking back to see if I missed anything while living fiercely. I wonder about how to live a happy life from here on out,” while Ravi said, “Everyday, I worry about how to better accomplish my dreams and future.”

Leo added, “I want to get hurt and cry, and have fun, be happy, and laugh. I want to feel it all, so within the book of me, each page can be well-recorded.” Ravi also advised, “Act as if you already accomplished the dreams you want to achieve. I am trying to do this as well.”

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