Watch: GFRIEND Members Turn Into 3-Minute Girlfriends In Hilarious Skits For “SNL Korea 9”

GFRIEND were the hosts of the September 9 episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea 9,” and each member showed off her acting skills and charms for the “3 Minute Girlfriend” skit.

Eunha played the role of a busy idol girlfriend who made her own boyfriend stand in line to see her, while SinB was the “plot twist” girlfriend who was full of surprises. Yerin was the quintessential innocent girlfriend but could not hold in her strength.

Sowon was the “golden ratio” girlfriend for her golden ratio body proportions, but she used golden proportions for her everyday life. Yuju, being “fast 97” (which means she was born in the early months of 1997), took the meaning literally and did everything quickly. Finally, Umji, which means “thumb” in Korean, turned into a thumb-sized princess for her boyfriend, which was cute at first, but not so much later.

Watch the members of GFRIEND turn into fantasy girlfriends with a twist!

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