“ARGON” Releases Stills Of Kim Joo Hyuk And Chun Woo Hee As Partners In Reporting

Kim Joo Hyuk and Chun Woo Hee will begin cooperating as reporters for the first time.

tvN drama “ARGON” released stills of Kim Baek Jin (played by Kim Joo Hyuk) and Lee Yeon Hwa (Chun Woo Hee) setting out to start field reporting together.

“ARGON” shares the story of reporters who seek to unveil the truth. It has received acclaims from viewers after its first episode due to its tight plot and realistic, humane depiction of the troubles reporters suffer. Viewers have complimented the drama on its detailed script that conveys the reality of reporters, great acting, excellent delivery of littlest emotions, and the message it sends by showing reporters fighting for the truth in a world filled with fake news.

Kim Baek Jin and Lee Yeon Hwa are diving into the field to report the truth and check the facts in the released stills. Lee Yeon Hwa is accompanying Kim Baek Jin to dig deeper into a case he covered in the past. They look extremely awkward standing next to each other as Kim Baek Jin is a sharp reporter who puts facts over everything else, while Lee Yeon Hwa is still a newbie armed with curiosity and intuition.

Yet when the duo begins their job, they become completely serious. They seem as if they have nothing in common, but their determination in finding out the truth seems to be a trait they share already. The pictures also make viewers wonder how Kim Baek Jin, the leader of the news program “Argon,” came to go on field himself alongside Lee Yeon Hwa.

Kim Baek Jin initially disapproved of Lee Yeon Hwa who was assigned to Argon just six months before the expiration of her contract. However, he sees her potential when she manages to revive an item that was turned down during a meeting and puts her in charge of covering the case of Midtown permit. Eyes are on Lee Yeon Hwa to see if she’ll be able to pull off her first field work with Kim Baek Jin and be recognized as an official Argon member.

Staff of “ARGON” stated, “There will be a close depiction of Kim Joo Hyuk fighting to stand by his principles as a journalist and Chun Woo Hee trying to become a part of Argon, alongside other Argon members who try their best in their designated places.”

The third episode of “ARGON,” expected to show how Argon will turn out under the company and the society’s pressure, will air on September 11.

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