Sooyoung Responds To Question About If Jung Kyung Ho Gets Jealous About Her Drama Romance

On the September 10 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” the cast of “Man Who Sets the Table” sat down for an interview, during which Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was asked about her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

When interviewer Park Seul Gi asked about the chemistry between Sooyoung and On Joo Wan in the drama, fellow cast member Kim Kap Soo commented, “It’s no joke.”

Park Seul Gi then wondered out loud if Sooyoung’s real-life boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho gets jealous about, to which the idol had an amusingly logical response.

“That person has done a lot in his own right as well,” Sooyoung pointed out.

See for yourself how her love line in the drama evolves, and check out the latest episode of “Man Who Sets the Table”!

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