Love Lines Get Even More Tangled In “The King Loves” With New Stills Of Royal Wedding

It looks like Im Siwan is moving full steam ahead on his wedding in “The King Loves!”


Before Im Siwan (who plays Wang Won) was scheduled to marry his royal bride, he witnessed YoonA (Eun San) and Hong Jong Hyun (Wang Rin) sharing a kiss. Shocked and wondering whether he’d been betrayed by his best friend, he is moving full steam ahead on his marriage to Park Hwan Hee (Wang Dan).

In the stills, the couple is outfitted with all the beautiful trappings of a royal wedding, but their expressions look unhappy. Im Siwan in particular looks lost in thought, while Park Hwan Hee, who desired the wedding above all things, looks like the fulfilment of her dreams may not have been what she hoped.

Viewers can expect a new wrench thrown into the love triangle between Im Siwan, YoonA, and Hong Jong Hyun with this development in the remaining eight episodes.

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