Sunmi Comments On How Much She Loved “Gashina” Promotions

Sunmi shared her thoughts on wrapping up “Gashina” promotions.

On September 10, Sunmi broadcast a V Live. During the show, she said, “It hasn’t been long since promotions started, but time went by so quickly. I didn’t know the song would get so much love. I was shocked.”

She relayed her thanks by saying, “I went to a big concert yesterday, but I couldn’t hear the cheers because of my in-ear monitors. I watched the broadcast at home and I realized that the crowd was singing along to every word.”

She said that she loved “Gashina” as well, saying, “‘Gashina’ is a very precious song. I felt it right away after I heard the beat. That’s why I decided to work with it. I felt my heart tighten as soon as I heard the intro. When we finished the song, it came out great.”

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