Solbi Has A Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunction On “Running Man”

Singer Solbi had a hilarious wardrobe malfunction on the September 10 broadcast of SBS’s variety show “Running Man.”

During the show, Baek Ji Young and Solbi had a sexy dance battle. Baek Ji Young danced first, and Solbi followed. However, Solbi stepped on her long skirt. It fell, showing part of her undershorts. The other members shielded her from the camera, and the recording was briefly stopped because of it.

Solbi stayed gracious and argued hilariously, “Shouldn’t this mean I’m first place?” She ended up taking first place in sexy dancing.

The director Jung Cheol Min said, “Solbi went up to help Baek Ji Young, and she stepped on her skirt so her undershorts showed a bit. That made everyone fall over laughing.” He shared, “The viewers said that Solbi ‘hard carried’ the show, and that it was super funny. The atmosphere was great on set as well.”

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