Luna Talks About The Relationship Between f(x) Members

f(x)’s Luna recently sat down for an interview to talk about her group members and her latest musical, “Rebecca.”

When asked if her members were going to see “Rebecca,” Luna smiled and said, “They came to my first performance. They don’t understand Korean very well so they just said hi and gave me a cake and said they’d come next time. Krystal couldn’t come because of her drama but I think she’s coming next week or the week after next. Amber will come too. When the members come, they give me more strength than anyone else. Even though I’m taking on a challenge in a different field, the members support me. They worry about me if I make a mistake.”

She continued, “The members say stuff like this. While looking for a photo to commemorate our 8th anniversary, they were like, ‘When we were young, we’d spend a week staying up all night and drinking caffeinated beverages to stay awake and cry and laugh. All of that is precious.’ At that time, we had to do things we didn’t want to, but now there are more times when we can’t do what we want to do.”

She added, “We were grateful for the time that had passed, but we also talked about the sad and painful episodes. We’re in our 8th year but we’re still young. We promised each other not to lose the group f(x) and to perfect each album as if it’s our last. We’ve always been like that. We don’t know when the last will be, but we think of each performance as precious. We know that the fans are waiting for f(x)’s comeback. I see my fans through musicals and I can tell they’ve been waiting. Our hiatus has been long but the relationship between the members is good. We don’t want to lose sight of our unique musical style.”

Luna also hinted at a solo comeback sometime soon, saying, “I’m preparing for a solo album. It’s been put on hold since ‘Rebecca’ but I’m still working on it. I think it might come out when ‘Rebecca’ ends. It’s very forceful. Because it’s the winter. I’m thinking of what kind of impact I can make in the winter. I don’t think it’ll be a ballad.”

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