Watch: Kang Daniel Teaches Other Wanna One Members Beer Yoga

Wanna One member Kang Daniel became a yoga instructor for his fellow group members on the September 10 episode of “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.”

After a couple of days of rest, Kang Daniel returned to the YMC Entertainment dance practice room with glasses of beer and water and said he recently learned beer yoga.

Hearing this, Ong Sung Woo said, “You’re coming up with all kinds of excuses [to drink beer],” then added, “I recently learned something called soju dance,” and everyone laugh.

Kang Daniel paired up with Hwang Min Hyun, while Ong Sung Woo paired up with Kim Jae Hwan. Kang Daniel showed them four moves that he learned, which the members were able to execute perfectly and painfully.

Watch Wanna One members’ first attempt at beer yoga below!

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