f(x)’s Luna Discusses The Dilemma She Faced Because Of Musicals

f(x)’s Luna recently discussed her latest musical “Rebecca” and the hardships she faced because of it.

Luna explained, “I took the audition and made it. I wanted to audition for the role ever since a year ago, but I had told myself no. After the musical “In The Heights,” I had vowed to never be in another musical. I didn’t have the physical ability to balance between being a musical actress and an idol. Idols are ideally skinny, but it’s good for musical actors to gain weight to support their physiques. On top of that, the schedules are ridiculous.” She was about to give up and try next time but was severely scolded by director Lee Ji Na. The director was the one who made it possible for Luna to audition for the musical.

Luna confessed, “I was in a dilemma. Maybe I have to describe it as depression. The thought that I didn’t deserve to be a musical actress gave me a hard time until I took the audition.” Eventually, Luna got the role and started to feel a sense of responsibility. The weaker she felt, the harder she practiced. She wanted to give it another shot for the sake of the people who believed in her. Luna admitted, “I had a lot of worries, but I think I made the right choice. This became a chance for me to make the determination to continue to be a musical actress.”

Although Luna knows she made the right choice by continuing on her musical career path, she acknowledges musicals aren’t easy, saying, “I faced fierce, cold times as a singer, which made me get suck in a dilemma and fall into depression. So I decided to do musicals, but the more I do them, the more I realize they’re battles. The more I know about it, the harder it is.”

Currently, Luna is playing the role of Ich in the musical “Rebecca.”

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