Kim Jung Hyun Talks About His Friendship With EXO’s Suho And Former Co-Stars

On September 11, actor Kim Jung Hyun held an interview to talk about his recent drama “School 2017” and support he received from famous friends.

Kim Jung Hyun commented, “When I was filming SBS’s ‘Don’t Dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate),’ Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin always smiled and greeted me. At the time I was very nervous, so that really gave me strength.”

He continued, “After becoming a lead I could understand. It was very tiring and difficult, but it made me think that lead actors need to pay attention to more than just acting. I realized that rather than showing that I was having a difficult time, it was more important to hide that and be considerate of others. So I tried to brightly greet people.”

While filming “School 2017,” Kim Jung Hyun was gifted with coffee trucks sent by Kim Nam Gil, Gong Hyo Jin, and EXO’s Suho. Kim Jung Hyun explained, “When Kim Nam Gil sent a coffee truck he gave me advice and said, ‘Don’t be swayed by real time reactions, focus on emotions, and end it well.’ Gong Hyo Jin also sent a coffee truck and said, ‘You’re really tired right? Feel like you’re going to die right? There’s only a little left, so endure well.'”

Kim Jung Hyun also talked about how he and EXO’s Suho entered Korea National University of Arts at the same time. He thanked his friend and said, “Suho must have been really busy preparing for his comeback but he showed that he cared about me. He also monitored the first episode and said, ‘You’re doing well so don’t worry’ and sent a coffee truck later. We both have a lot of acting ambitions so we always say ‘it would be nice if we could work on the same project.'”

Following his debut through the 2015 film “Overman,” Kim Jung Hyun went on to star in dramas “Jealousy Incarnate,” “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People,” and is now a rising star actor to look out for.

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