PSY Thanks Everyone As “Daddy” And “Hangover” MVs Both Surpass 300 Million Views

Singer PSY has reached a big milestone on two of his MVs!

On September 11, PSY posted on his Instagram to celebrate the fact that his music videos for “Daddy” and “Hangover” have both hit 300 million views on YouTube, and thanked everyone.

#daddy #hangover #both #300☺️Mviews #3억뷰 @youtube #감사합니다 #THXmuch ?

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PSY’s track “Daddy” was released in November of 2015 as the title track on his seventh album “Chiljip PSY-da,” and the song features CL. “Hangover” is a single that PSY released in June of 2014, and it features Snoop Dogg.

PSY continues to reign as the Korean artist with the most views on YouTube, with his viral hit “Gangnam Style” MV at over 2.94 billion views, “Gentleman” at over 1.11 billion views, and the “Oppa Is Just My Style” version of “Gangnam Style” featuring HyunA at 702 million views.

Reaching 300 million views on a music video is an impressive feat for any artist, and the only other K-pop artist so far to have hit 300 million views is BIGBANG with their “Fantastic Baby” MV.

Watch both the MVs again below!