VIXX’s N Reveals He Had To Turn Down Role In “Age Of Youth 2”

VIXX member N has shared that he had once been considering taking on a role in “Age of Youth 2.”

N was on a Naver V Live show hosted by Rooftop Moonlight on September 11, during which he talked about his passion for acting.

“I want to try doing a film, and also after being in genre works, I want to do something like the drama ‘Age of Youth’ together with my peers,” said N. “This is the first time I’ve said this, but I had a meeting for ‘Age of Youth 2.’ The director kindly really liked me then. So we said we should do it together but the schedule didn’t work out.”

He explained, “I had an overseas commitment. From my experience with dramas, I know that having an overseas commitment can have a negative effect on the drama itself, so I wasn’t able to do it in the end.”

When the hosts said it was really too bad he didn’t get to be in it, N said, “I had really wanted to do that kind of drama, however the cast is doing a great job in it.”

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