f(x)’s Luna Shares Her Future Goals

f(x)’s Luna, who is currently starring in the musical “Rebecca,” recently sat down for an interview.

During the interview, she was asked whether she had any new goals now that she is 25 years old. She answered, “I have so many. I would like to go on a backpacking trip for about two months and busk. I’d like to record that as a video and broadcast it on my channel.”

The singer also had some new career goals as well. She said, “Before I turn 30 years old, I would like to find my own color as an actress. I’d also like to make my own dance crew.”

Luna has some fun goals, too. She revealed, “I am going to achieve this for sure; I’m going to make my own pajamas. I usually only get to wear practice clothes, so I like to dress nicely at home. I’d like to design my own pajamas and have it made.”

Lastly, she shared, “As the woman named Luna, I want to get married early. I want to have children before I turn 30. If I can’t, I hope my twin sister has children quickly.”

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