Jeon Jiyoon Talks About 4Minute’s Disbandment + Her Relationship With The Members

Solo artist Jeon Jiyoon (also known as Jenyer) recently sat down for an interview, where she talked about her former group 4Minute.

The singer made a comeback on September 12 with her new song “Hello.” She shared that the song was kind of like an appetizer to her upcoming music, as she is set to release an EP filled with self-composed tracks by the end of this year.

When asked if she still keeps in contact with the other former 4Minute members, she replied, “Of course. Our team didn’t have any bad blood. We ate dinner together yesterday; they’re more like family rather than friends. We lived in a dorm together and we’ve made a lot of memories that you can’t erase. They are more than friends.”

She talked about 4Minute’s disbandment, saying, “Even before we started thinking about the individual paths we wanted to take, our contracts ended… it was pretty chaotic. Honestly, it felt like we were finding out about our disbandment through the reports. We weren’t thinking about disbanding…and when we saw the reports of disbandment, we thought, ‘Ah, so that’s what happened,’ and calmly started tidying things up.”

When asked how she felt towards her fans during that time, Jeon Jiyoon commented, “I felt so bad…because it happened so suddenly and there were no talks of disbandment. What really makes me feel apologetic is that while we were promoting as 4Minute, we didn’t have any kind of content that our fans would have really liked.

“Even now I keep feeling sorry because I feel like I should be creating that kind of content but I haven’t been able to. Starting with these promotions I’m planning on continuing to release music. It doesn’t matter if they succeed or fail. For the fans who like me, that’s what I can do to repay them.”

Meanwhile, check out a live clip of her new track “Hello” below!

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