Sleepy Compares Himself To “Show Me The Money 6” Winner Hangzoo

Rapper Sleepy compared himself to “Show Me the Money 6” winner Hangzoo on the September 12 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

He said, “I wouldn’t say Hangzoo’s better than me. I think we’re both good. We have different styles.” He then joked, “Hangzoo’s weirder than I am.”

The hosts shared that Hangzoo’s name, which sounds like ‘rag’ in Korean, was the rapper’s nickname in high school. They then became curious about Sleepy’s stage name. Sleepy said, “My nickname was ‘praying mantis.’ I used to work as MC High, but that was weird, so I changed that to Sleepy Dog. That sounded a bit too similar to Snoop Dogg, so I took away the ‘Dog.'”

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