KBS’s Idol Rebooting Show “The Unit” Reveals Recording Schedule And Plans

KBS’s upcoming idol rebooting show “The Unit” revealed how viewers can participate in the first open recording of the show. The recording will be held at the Kintex Hall 9 in Ilsan on September 29, 30, and October 1. The first episode will air on October 28.

“The Unit” aims to create the best idol unit by uncovering already debuted singers’ talent and potential in a program where viewers get to pick the unit members. Viewers who get to participate in the first recording will be able to directly see contestants’ performances and personalities before being able to pick the unit hopefuls.

Those wishing to participate as viewers in the recording can register on the show’s official website each day. Anyone who is 14 years or older can apply for two tickets total.

The anticipation for the show is rising, as viewers will be able to pick two (male and female) teams of 10 members each. Many are looking forward to seeing the contestants’ growth as they take on the challenges of the program.

Meanwhile, many idols have already confirmed their appearance on the show, such as Wassup’s Nari and Jiae, BIGSTAR, Brave Girls, Dal Shabet’s Serri and Woohee, SNUPER, MR.MR, TopSecret, DIA’s Yebin and Somyi, and more.

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