Top 20 “Show Me The Money 6” Rappers To Release Remixed Song Together

The top 20 rappers from “Show Me the Money 6” have reunited!

On September 13, a source from the Mnet hip hop survival show stated, “[The rappers] finished recording their special song ‘One Penny Remix.’ The song will be released on September 16.”

The special single is a remix of the song “One Penny” from Dynamic Duo’s third studio album that featured 31 rappers from all across the country. Dynamic Duo was one of the producer teams this season.

The top 20 rappers participating in the recording will include the season’s final winner, Hangzoo. Other rappers that made a name for themselves on the show include runner-up Nucksal, Junoflo, Woo Won Jae, Jo Woo Chan, and more.

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