GFRIEND’s Eunha Explains Why She’s The Only Member To Get Rained On In “Summer Rain” MV

GFRIEND has shared a story from behind the scenes of their new music video.

While the group members did plenty of filming with umbrellas in their new video for “Summer Rain,” there’s a scene in which Eunha is standing in the rain and getting soaking wet, after having dropped her umbrella earlier on. It turns out that this kind of scene was originally not just planned for her!

GFRIEND talked about this while chatting about their music video during a comeback show on Naver’s V Live on September 13, which celebrated the release of their mini album repackage “Rainbow.”

“There’s a reason why I’m the only one who got rained on,” said Eunha. “I was the first one to film, and it took too long to film because I kept having to dry off and film, and then dry off and film again. So unfortunately I was the only one who ended up getting rained on.”

Yerin added, “I was the next one up to film. I was originally supposed to be rained on too, but they said it was okay if I didn’t get wet, so I was excited to get to use an umbrella.”

While talking about their music video filming, Umji also mentioned that she was sad that she developed a sty on her right eye during the shoot.

Watch GFRIEND’s new “Summer Rain” music video here!

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