“Music Bank” Viewers Notice Difference In Camera Work During Strike

Viewers of the KBS music show “Music Bank” have spotted a change in how performances have been filmed during the current labor strike.

Although the general strike of KBS workers began on September 4, “Music Bank” aired its usual weekly episode on September 8. However, with the usual directing staff on strike, it was reported that higher ranking staff members had to take over the directing.

This switch in those responsible for the camera work appears to have had an influence on the way the show is filmed.

Viewers have noticed that rather than the sweeping shots and dramatic angles that are often seen on the show, “Music Bank” on September 8 mostly utilized straight and simple shots of the stage. Also, there were fewer close ups on individual members in the September 8 episode.

The contrast is particularly apparent when comparing performances from the pre-strike episode of “Music Bank” on September 1 and performances from September 8. A video that compares the camera work from performances by girl groups GOOD DAY and PRISTIN from the two episodes has gone viral on YouTube.

There have been mixed opinions about the difference, with some viewers liking the more simple camera work, and others preferring the former style.

One commenter who preferred the current camera work wrote, “I like it because it captures all of the choreography that makes me go ‘Wow, that’s so cool,’ which is only possible when I see everything.”

Another commenter wrote, “I’m a music major, and I think the post-strike performances show the performers’ faults more. The pre-strike performances make them seem more like singers, and the post-strike ones have the feeling of a local concert.”

“The pre-strike performances were impressive and seemed to capture the members’ individual parts and the key points of the choreography well,” wrote one commenter. “The post-strike performances are more plain, it seems like there’s a focus on the group shots, and they feel more like fan-taken videos. But I like them because they’re easy to watch.”

One person also commented, “Although it’s true that it’s easier to watch with the camera work they use during the strike, when I think about the staff who are struggling while on strike in order to achieve the normalization of public broadcasting, I don’t want to compliment it.”

What’s your opinion on the different camera work on “Music Bank”?

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