“Andante” Releases New Poster And Character Descriptions For EXO’s Kai And More

On September 14, “Andante” released their character poster and descriptions for their four main leads, EXO’s Kai, Kim Jin Kyung, Baek Chul Min, and Lee Ye Hyun.

In the released poster, the four characters look energetic and fresh in front of a pastel-toned background. Although dressed in warmer clothes as the drama will be airing during the fall, their characters look as though they will be enjoying the sweet, warm-breezed romance of spring.

Behind each of them are music notes, which link back to the drama’s theme and title “Andante,” which means a moderately slow speed similar to a walking tempo, and also refer to the four characters’ differing personalities and charms.

EXO’s Kai will be playing the role of Sikyung, a game maniac. The treble clef behind him represents the new destiny that awaits him as he transfers to a strange school in the countryside as a result of him not studying, faking his grades, tricking his mom, and finding his life’s meaning in games.

Kim Jin Kyung is the mysterious and chic Kim Bom, who draws the attention of Sikyung. Although in the poster, she is smiling brightly, somewhere inside of her resides a loneliness. The bass clef behind her represents her life as school’s outsider, living a lonely secretive life.

Baek Chul Min will be playing the role of Garam, a model student with a sweet mature smile. Although on the exterior he is a upright and strict class president personality, in actuality he worries about Sikyung a lot. The eight note behind him represents his role as the hidden leader in the drama.

Lee Ye Hyun is Sikyung’s little sister, with whom she quarrels with whenever they meet. She brings out energy in the drama as her vibrant and bouncing personality revives everyone.

The production crew has stated, “The chemistry between the bright and dark characters of Kai and Kim Jin Kyung as well as the light and heavy characters of Lee Ye Hyun and Baek Chul Min brings a lot of variety and their personalities and charms will bring out a lot of fun and emotions.”

“Andante” is about city-boy Sikyung who transfers to a strange school in the countryside and experiences genuine life and love for the first time. The first episode will broadcast on September 24.

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