iKON’s Bobby Reveals Most Rebellious Thing He Has Done After Debuting

On September 14, iKON’s Bobby sat down for an interview ahead of his upcoming album release.

When asked about the most rebellious thing he has done, he responded, “The most rebellious thing I did after debuting was going to the convenience store without permission. I usually bought ramen and triangle kimbap because I was so hungry.”

He continued with a smile, “These days, if I get permission, I can do everything like going to the movie theater or karaoke.”

Bobby also shared, “When my friends go hang out somewhere, they send me pictures, and it makes me jealous,” and added, “It’s disappointing that I can’t share the memories with my friends. However, I enjoy music more than hanging out now.”

Bobby’s solo album “Love and Fall” will be released at 6 p.m. KST on September 14.

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