Kim Chungha Thanks Fans And Mentions I.O.I And DIA During Her 100-Day Anniversary

September 14 was a day full of celebrations for female idols who had reached their anniversaries.

Through a live V broadcast, Kim Chungha stated, “I actually had no idea [that it had been 100 days since I debuted]. I found out through my fans who left messages congratulating me on my 100-day anniversary. I am very grateful. Today was one of those days where I once again realized that time flies by.”

Following that, Kim Chungha also congratulated DIA on their two-year anniversary. She said, “Huihyeon and Chaeyeon, congratulations on your two-year anniversary. Today is also my 100-day anniversary.” She played DIA’s song as her background music as well.

Someone commented, “Today is I.O.I’s 500-day anniversary.” At that, Kim Chungha said, “Congratulations on our debut! Wow. This is amazing.”

Kim Chungha congratulated everyone once again and admitted that she missed all of her friends from “Produce 101.” She even played songs from the various girl groups that her “Produce 101” friends had gotten into, such as Weki Meki and PRISTIN.

Meanwhile, Kim Chungha received a lot of love with her first solo album “Hands On Me,” which was released on June 7.

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