Watch: HyunA Is A “Babe” In Released Dance Practice Video

Cube Entertainment has released a video of HyunA’s practicing the choreography of her latest song “Babe“!

Wearing a flannel shirt, shorts, and sneakers, HyunA starts the choreography alone. Then, the camera zooms out as a group of male dancers surround HyunA, while the female dancers pose at the wings of the practice room.

With a stuffed chipmunk in the middle of the shot as a stage marker, HyunA and her backup dancers have fun while practicing the choreography. When it is HyunA and the female dancers’ turn, the male dancers stay out of the shot but show their support by turning into fans and shout out parts of the song. The singer laughs and smiles throughout the song, and at the end does a cute pose while shouting, “Thank you!”

Watch HyunA’s dance practice of “Babe” below!