Yoon Jong Shin Talks About Low Production Cost Of Hit Song “Like It”

Singer Yoon Jong Shin will appear on the September 16 broadcast of Park Jin Young’s “Party People” alongside Henry, where he will discuss his chart sweeping success of his latest track “Like It.”

Park Jin Young and Yoon Jong Shin have a lot in common as they are both singers, songwriters, producers, and founded entertainment agencies. The two will discuss their commonalities in detail and share common concerns. Yoon Jong Shin will also share the story behind his No. 1 hit “Like It.”

“Like It” is Yoon Jong Shin’s first ever No. 1 win on a music program, a feat he accomplished 28 years after his debut and 9,925 days into his music career. According to Yoon Jong Shin, the total production cost of making the song “Like It” and its music video was 7.99 million won (approximately $7,045), to the surprise of Park Jin Young. Yoon Jong Shin will pinpoint exactly why it was a hit despite the low cost of production on the show.

This episode of “Party People” will air on September 16 at 12:15 a.m. KST.

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