GFRIEND Talks About Diverse Fanbase And New Dorms

GFRIEND recently made a comeback with their first repackaged album “Rainbow.”

The group is well-known for having a diverse fanbase across gender and age, especially amongst teen females. When asked about their fans, they humbly answered, “We think its probably because we have an innocent high school girl look. Because we are similar to them, and seem to be close to their age, we think we were able to get so much love and interest because we could be friends with them.”

The members also commented on their improved lifestyle after their success, especially on their new dorms. Sowon revealed, “Our living room got bigger. We normally couldn’t use our living room much. We did have a TV but we had to drag out a table and chairs and even sit on the floor. But now we use our living room a lot. I think we’ll be able to spend more time together.” Umji smiled and said, “Our president bought us a really big TV.”

GFRIEND debuted in 2015 with their first mini album “Season of Glass” and are now reaching their third year anniversary. Although they have achieved much throughout this time, they revealed they had a goal they have not yet reached. Umji commented, “We want to do a concert quickly. Although it’s not planned yet, we always wanted to do a concert since before we debuted. We think that it’s about time for us to do one.” Sowon also stated, “Whenever a good song comes out, we are gradually thinking more and more that we want to try it [at a concert].”

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