Sandara Park, Lee Hi, And Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun Share Beauty Tips With Fans

Sandara Park, Lee Hi, and Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun opened a beauty salon on the September 14 Naver V Live broadcast titled “HaSuDa’s Beauty Salon.”

The three YG artists shared their beauty tips and showed simple makeup tutorials while in a cafe in Seoul. When asked about what makeup application skills they’re most confident about, Lee Soo Hyun chose her eyes because they’re difficult to put makeup on, but said she has mastered her own techniques.

Sandara Park chose her lipstick application skills and said even Honey Lee, who is her co-star on “Get It Beauty,” acknowledged her skills. Lee Hi said she prefers the look of strong eyes with soft lips, and said she is good at drawing her eyebrows which she prefers with an arch.

V Live viewers asked about tips for pimples. Sandara shared she uses pimple patches and that when she puts them on, her pimples disappear the next day.

Lee Hi said, “I wipe off my makeup as quickly as possible or try not to put on any makeup,” and also added she uses pimple cream. Lee Soo Hyun told viewers not to follow her advice and admitted she can’t leave her zits alone and keeps touching them or popping them.

Then, one of the female V Live staff members was chosen to get a makeover by the three artists. Lee Hi did her eyebrows, Lee Soo Hyun did her eye makeup, and Sandara Park did her lips. This V Live broadcast was a special event to preview their OnStyle show that is scheduled to air on September 29.

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