JBJ And HOTSHOT’s Noh Tae Hyun Talks About Unexpected Reactions To His Music Show Mishap

JBJ members Kim Dong Han, Takada Kenta, Noh Tae Hyun, Kim Sang Gyun, Kim Yong Guk, and Kwon Hyun Bin held their first Naver V Live broadcast on September 15.

During the broadcast, Noh Tae Hyun talked about a mishap that happened during HOTSHOT’s “Jelly” performance on the July 27 episode of “M!Countdown.”

Noh Tae Hyun said, “I had a mishap on ‘M!Countdown.’ My necklace and in-ear got tangled so it was a mess. I tried hard to untangle the two, but they wouldn’t loosen so I later just broke them apart.” The idol ended up holding the normally-taped mic up to his face himself for the rest of the performance.

He continued, “I had made a mistake on air, so I came down from the stage upset. I thought I was going to get scolded by the production staff, but surprisingly they said ‘the reactions are good.'” In my dressing room, I searched on social media and surprisingly the reactions were good.”

Meanwhile, JBJ is preparing to debut in October. So far, the group has released group profile photos and announced their own reality show that will air in September.

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