Watch: Apink’s Namjoo Gives Helpful Tips To “Idol School” Students

Apink member Namjoo made a surprise appearance on the September 15 episode of Mnet’s “Idol School.”

The students prepared for end-of-term examinations, with one of the teams practicing Apink’s “NoNoNo.”

While the younger girls practiced, Apink’s Namjoo herself entered the practice room. After closely observing their performance, she praised Bae Eun Young, the student in charge of her part, and gave the team helpful tips.

Namjoo said, “I liked that she mixed her own style with my gestures, so it was half Namjoo-like and half Eun Young-like.” She also gave advice to the other students on how to improve their live performances. She revealed how Apink would run around the practice room and once they’re out of breath, they would start to practice singing. Namjoo added, “Practicing is the only way to survive [in this industry].”

Watch Namjoo’s appearance on “Idol School” and watch her demonstrate the main detail of “NoNoNo” below!

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