Watch: g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Makes Surprise Appearance As Teacher On “Idol School”

Park Joon Hyung of legendary idol group g.o.d made a surprise appearance as a special teacher on Mnet’s “Idol School!”

On September 15, the students of “Idol School” were able to receive a unique lesson about social media from the “king of communication” himself.

As soon as he entered the room, the students greeted him with enthusiastic cheering, with some of them exclaiming “BAAM,” his signature catch phrase. Park Joon Hyung gave high-fives to all the girls while shouting out “BAAM,” causing them to get a case of the giggles.

Park Joon Hyung started the lecture right away by emphasizing how important social media was by pulling up examples of how PSY and BTS succeeded internationally through it. He added, “The way you can let people know about you without actually visiting those countries is by using social media.”

Park Joon Hyung experimented how powerful social media could be by taking a photo with the girls and uploading it on his Instagram. It had only been two minutes, but 353 people liked it already.

After that, Park Joon Hyung examined the girls’ social media lives. The first Instagram account he checked was Bin Haneul. Park Joon Hyung saw a photo of what seemed to be of Bin Haneul on her phone and complimented, “This [photo] is pretty.” Bin Haneul confessed that wasn’t her, causing confusion and making Park Joon Hyung ask, “Who is she?”

He then examined the Instagram accounts of Park So Myeong and Lee Hae In. One thing that caught Park Joon Hyung’s eye about Lee Hae In’s account was that her name was only written in Korean. He said, “You must write it in English, too.” He also advised, “You should add ‘Idol School,’ so that your name will pop up every time someone searches up ‘Idol School.'”

The students admitted they would probably get more followers with his tips.

Watch the clip below!

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