IZ’s Jihoo Says “Descendants Of The Sun” Inspired Him To Write A Song

During a recent broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” singers Jeong Sewoon, IZ, and MXM appeared as guests.

During the show, IZ’s Jihoo told a behind-the-scenes story of one of his songs, “You and Me.”

He shared, “I don’t have experience with love yet, so I got help from dramas. I wrote the lyrics after watching ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ In the drama, there’s a scene where [Kang Mo Yeon] cries thinking that Yoo Si Jin is dead. I wrote the lyrics based on that.”

The hosts agreed, saying, “It’s difficult to have experienced deep love at your age.”

Meanwhile, you can check out IZ’s debut music video for “All You Want” here!

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