Watch: Wanna One Members Help Samuel Dog-Sit

Samuel appeared as a special guest on the September 16 broadcast of Channel A’s “A Man Who Feeds The Dog” (literal translation) and took care of his manager’s dog Gap Dol.

While waiting to perform on a music program, Samuel hung out with Gap Dol in his dressing room when Wanna One’s Ong Sung Woo, Yoon Ji Sung, Lai Guan Lin, Ha Sung Woo, and Lee Dae Hwi walked into to say hi to Samuel. The members immediately started petting Gap Dol, and Ong Sung Woo folded his ear like the dog.

To trick Samuel, the members started to say their goodbyes, picked up Gap Dol, and walked out of the leaving room. Momentarily surprised, Samuel laughed and said, “That was natural,” when Wanna One members immediately walked back inside with the dog.Wanna One members stayed to talk with Samuel and to play with Gap Dol.

Ha Sung Woon saw Kang Daniel holding a bag of snacks, mistakenly thought they were for humans, and popped one in his mouth. As soon as he tasted the snack, he looked over at Kang Daniel who read the label to him, “Flavorful and soft for old dogs and young dogs,” which made Kang Daniel crack up and Ha Sung Woon quickly spit the dog treat out.

Watch the clip of Samuel and Wanna One below!

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