“School 2017’s” Kim Jung Hyun Says He’s Motivated By The Success Of His Friends Like EXO’s Suho And Byun Yo Han

Kim Jung Hyun, one of the stars of “School 2017,” has opened up in the past about his famous friends and co-stars such EXO’s Suho and “Don’t Dare to Dream‘s” Gong Hyo Jin.

After deciding to become an actor, one of Kim Jung Hyun’s first goals was to be admitted to the Korea National University of Arts. Many of his peers in his class of 09 have found success in the acting industry, including Byun Yo Han, Park Jung Min, Lim Ji Yeon, Kim Go Eun, and EXO’s Suho. Suho even recently sent Kim Jung Hyun a coffee truck on the set of “School 2017.”

Kim Jung Hyun said, “His album came out on September 5 and he was busy, so I was grateful that he took time out to think of me. He’d given me commentary before [the coffee truck] as well. He’s a friend so he could just have been like, ‘Do well, I’m cheering you on,’ but he actually took the time to care and I was thankful. If the opportunity arises, I want to repay him.”

However, he added that rather than being especial friends with Suho, the entire class of 09 at Korea National University of Arts was friendly with one another. When asked how he felt about the fame of some of his peers, Kim Jung Hyun said, “It’s fascinating and gratifying and humbling and it motivates me to do better. We’re often linked together because of our school name so I have to work harder so as not to let them down. When you think about it, our school gets attention because of the work that our seniors have put in for 16 years. We juniors have to work to carry on that legacy.”

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