8 Times BTS Was Extra AF But Still Part Of This World

If we were to list every time the BTS members were too extra for their own good, we would be here all day! So here’s a condensed version of just eight times BTS was so extra, it probably made you shake your head (but still love them more).

Sometimes Jimin just wants to show off his beautiful eyes:

And doesn’t it just make you swoon? 

V’s perfume spraying method

His method is patented, of course.

J-Hope’s take on Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”

I can just feel the secondhand embarrassment. 

Even when he fails, the Golden Maknae fails perfectly:

Not to mention, his dance skills are on point:

Guess who’s excited for the start of the new year?

Here’s a hint: Starts with “Bang” and ends with “Tan.” Hello, we are BTS!

Their best music video ever:

Jin as the dance director single handedly saved 2017.

Proof that even as fetuses, being extra was in their DNA:


BONUS: That moment when the fandom is just as extra as the group it stans:

Translation: we want the gold medal a lot, a lot.

(This poster is a parody on the Korean restaurant called Won Halmoni Bossam, which sounds similar to “Wonhae manhi, manhi,” the lyrics from “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.”)

Hey Soompiers! Did we miss any of your favorite extra moments from BTS? Tell us in the comments below! 

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