Watch: BTOB’s Eunkwang Teases The Perfect Autumn Ballad In MV Preview For Solo Single

BTOB’s Eunkwang is ready to take you into autumn with his sweet voice!

Autumn is a perfect time for melancholy ballads, and his upcoming solo track for the “Piece of BTOB” project looks like it fits the bill.

In the music video teaser, which stars model Kim Jin Kyung, a young couple enjoys the halcyon days of their love before it’s hinted that something tragic occurs. The teaser also features sweeping instrumentals and a tantalizing snippet of Eunkwang’s voice.

The music video is for the song “Only a Day Now” (working title) but the single album will also include the song “Those Times” (working title). On his Instagram, the singer released a photo of himself as well as promoting the teaser.

Watch the MV teaser below!