Update: LOONA Unit Odd Eye Circle Shares Preview For New Mini Album “Mix & Match”

Updated September 19 KST:

LOONA’s unit Odd Eye Circle has given fans a preview of all their new songs!

Take a listen below.

Original Article: 

LOONA’s unit Odd Eye Circle has shared a look at their MV for “Girl Front”!

The upcoming girl group has been introducing their members and units with regular releases over the past year, and it will soon be time for them to show the combined talents of their new unit Odd Eye Circle through their MV.

On September 18, a teaser for the unit’s MV “Girl Front” was released. Check it out below!

Odd Eye Circle includes LOONA members Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry. Their new release “Mix & Match” is due out on September 21, and will feature the songs “ODD,” “Girl Front,” “LOONATIC,” “Chaotic,” and “Starlight.”

Check out their track list and teaser images below!