“Girls’ Generation 1979” Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Stills From Epic Water Rescue Scene

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s – Yeo Hoe Hyun?

On September 17, the new KBS drama “Girls’ Generation 1979” dropped behind-the-scenes cuts from an epic water rescue scene that took place in the first two episodes.


Cosmic Girls’s Bona plays Jung Hee, who falls in love at the drop of a hat and is given to crazy flights of imagination. When she falls in the water because of a class bully, and is rescued by who she thinks is her classmate Son Jin (Yeo Hoe Hyun), her active imagination transforms the incident into a scene from a superhero movie, with Yeo Hoe Hyun flying up out of the water Superman-style. (However, she was actually rescued by someone else.)

Although the scene was comic as a fantasy for the audience, the actors really had to film such a scene. In the behind-the-scenes cuts, Yeo Hoe Hyun and Bona can be seen attached to wires above a lake and warming up between takes in an improvised hot water tub.

Watch the latest episode of “Girls’ Generation 1979” below!

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