Vogue Says WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon And Song Mino “Won Burberry’s Front Row” At London Fashion Show

WINNER members Lee Seung Hoon and Song Mino have been lauded by Vogue after their appearance at Burberry’s fashion show in London!

The pair attended Burberry’s Spring 2018 collection show on September 16, and Vogue wrote an article that stated that they had “won Burberry’s front row.”

According to Vogue, they “caused an immediate sensation” when they arrived at the show wearing pieces from the designer brand’s new collection. Vogue writes, “the pair made an impression with the paparazzi and scores of fans, who were waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the Korean stars.”

Vogue also mentioned the fashion of all four members of WINNER, naming them as “one of the best-dressed bands in the world.”

Song Mino and Lee Seung Hoon have been sporting items from Burberry’s new collection while in London, and they’ve uploaded plenty of photos on Instagram of themselves taking in the city’s sights while wearing the brand’s famous tartan and trench coats.


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Meanwhile, the Korean edition of Vogue followed the pair as they got ready for the big event. A video was posted to Vogue Korea’s Instagram of Song Mino and Lee Seung Hoon before they headed to the show, and the caption promises further coverage of the night later on.

Check out more photos of Lee Seung Hoon and Song Mino at the Burberry show and the after party below, including shots with model and actress Cara Delevingne, the chief creative and CEO of Burberry Christopher Bailey, designer Gosha Rubchinskiy, and Dazed Media CEO Jefferson Hack.

My favorite ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ #gosharubchinskiy

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WINNER most recently made a comeback with their chart-topping hits “LOVE ME LOVE” and “ISLAND” this summer.