BTS Describes New Album “Love Yourself: Her” As A Turning Point

On September 18, BTS held a press conference ahead of the release of their comeback with new album “Love Yourself: Her.”

The group said, “After flying with our ‘Wings’ album we want to try loving this world. We are very nervous and curious about what kind of response we’ll get.”

BTS’s new “Love Yourself” series contains the message of love. The message is about personal experiences as well as a message of reconciliation and unification toward society.

Leader Rap Monster said, “This is our next series. If you think of it through the introduction, development, climax, and conclusion steps of composition, this series is the development. There is a total of 11 songs and we think this album will become a turning point.”

“Love Yourself: Her” is the first album in their “Love Yourself” series and focuses on the theme of the boys experiencing their first loves. The album will be officially released at 6 p.m. KST today.

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