JBJ’s Agency Asks Fans To Stop Intrusive Behavior

On September 18, JBJ’s agency posted a notice regarding fan etiquette on their social media account to sound the alarm on inappropriate fan behavior.

The post is titled, “Information Regarding JBJ Fan Behavior” and states the following:

“Hello. It’s the person in charge of JBJ’s fan club.

Thank you to JBJ fans for all of your love and support after the news of JBJ’s debut.

Last Sunday, despite it being unannounced, fans were on the same departing and arriving flight, sat next to JBJ members inside of the airport or on the flight, talked to them, took photos, and filmed them. Because of these inappropriate actions of excessive interest causing other passengers discomfort, we have decided to post on fan etiquette.

1. Use of the airport and plane

Being on the same flights as JBJ during their overseas itineraries, talking to them inside of the airport or on the plane, taking photos, filming, and other actions make other passengers uncomfortable.

Even if you are on the same flight [as JBJ] by coincidence, please refrain from directly talking to them, giving them presents, or taking photos and videos.

2. Showing up at locations other than officially announced events

Unless they are officially announced events, please refrain from showing up to places with limited entry that have not been announced as a scheduled event (such as their practice room, agency, hair shop, dormitory, overseas hotels, etc).

Actions such as those mentioned above can affect JBJ’s activities. We ask the fans for your cooperation for the growth of JBJ, who is just starting out.

Thank you.”

Meanwhile, JBJ recently announced information about their debut showcase, was confirmed to the lineup for Busan One Asia Festival, and modeled for a pictorial.

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