Update: TS Entertainment’s New Boy Group TRCNG Reveals More Playful Profile Images

Updated October 1 KST:

TRCNG has revealed the final batch of “playful” individual teasers ahead of their debut! The photos feature members Tae Seon, Ha Young, and Ji Hun.

Updated September 30 KST:

TRCNG has shared more individual profile images for its members ahead of their group. Today’s featured members were Hak Min, Woo Yeop, Ji Sung, and Hyun Woo.

Check out their images below!

Updated September 29 KST:

TRCNG has shared another set of profile images for their debut, this time called the “playful version”! This set features members Kang Min, Ho Hyeon, and Si Woo.

Updated September 28 KST:

TS Entertainment’s new boy group TRCNG has shared a highlight medley for their first mini album! Take a listen to previews of their new songs below.

Updated September 27 KST:

Upcoming boy group TRCNG has unveiled more teasers!

The group has dropped the cover image and track list for their album, as well as a new group photo.

Check them out below:

Updated September 26 KST:

TRCNG has shared profiles for their last three members Tae Seon, Ha Young, and Ji Hun!

Tae Seon is the lead vocalist and the leader of the group and his hobby is shopping while is speciality is being able to keep his eyes open and not blink for longer than most people. His favorite musician is Taeyang and his life motto is, “Believe in yourself and dream big, and you’ll be able to achieve it all.”

Ha Young is the team’s other main vocalist alongside Kang Min and his hobby is soccer while his specialties lie in English, composing music, and sports. His favorite musician is Bruno Mars and his life motto is “Carpe diem.”

Finally, Ji Hun is the group’s other lead vocalist alongside Tae Seon is his hobby is cycling while his speciality is the violin. His favorite musician is The Script and his life motto is, “Be grateful for everything that happens to me.”

Updated September 25 KST:

TRCNG has shared profiles for members Hyun Woo, Woo Yeop, Ji Sung, and Hak Min ahead of their debut!

Hyun Woo’s position is “low rap” and dance, and his hobbies include exercising, while he says he’s particularly good at arm wrestling. His favorite musicians include Beenzino, Tyler the Creator, and Meek Mill, and his motto is, “Let’s not give up.”

Woo Yeop is a sub-vocalist in TRCNG and a dancer, and said his nickname is “mom.” He likes to watch dramas as a hobby, and is good at tae kwon do. He named Jo Kwon as his favorite musician, and wrote, “Let’s definitely succeed.”

Ji Sung is in charge of “high rap” in the group, and says one of his talents is doing the famous backpack kid dance. His favorite musician is G-Dragon, and he wrote, “Let’s work hard.”

Hak Min is also a sub-vocalist and dancer in TRCNG, and says his nickname is “paper doll.” He likes to bowl, and is good at doing the limbo. Jongup and Chris Brown are two of his favorite musicians, and wrote as his final message, “Try again!”

Updated September 24 KST:

TRCNG has released the profiles of its first three members, Ho Hyeon, Si Woo, and Kang Min.

Ho Hyeon is the main rapper of the group, and his hobby is cooking and his specialty is writing lyrics. He also reveals his favorite musician is Tupac. His life motto is “As long as you don’t give up, nothing is impossible,” and he also wrote, “I will never become idle, and I will always be passionate and humble with everything I do.”

Si Woo is also a rapper and his hobbies are gaming and reading comics. Interestingly, his specialty is Russian, and his favorite musician is Big Sean. His life motto is, “Try to see things in the shoes of others. Don’t put people down for not having natural talent. Not being born with talent can be overcome through learning.” He concluded by writing, “I will give my all for the team.”

Finally, Kang Min is written as the team’s main vocalist and his hobby is drawing. His favorite musician is Justin Bieber and he reveals that his nickname is “Kang Puppy.” His life motto is, “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it,” and he also wrote, “I want to become a singer who is loved.”

Updated September 23 KST:

TRCNG has now shared a schedule for their debut, which reveals that they will be releasing their first mini album “New Generation” on October 10. It also shares more information about the teasers we can expect as they gear up for their debut.

Updated September 22 KST:

TS Entertainment’s new boy group TRCNG has introduced their final three members through debut photos! The last three members to be introduced are Tae Seon, Ji Hun, and Ha Young.

Updated September 21 KST:

TS Entertainment’s new boy group TRCNG has introduced their members Woo Yeop, Ji Sung, Hyun Woo, and Hak Min ahead of their debut!

Updated September 19 KST:

TS Entertainment’s new boy group TRCNG has shared debut photos for three of its members!

Members Si Woo, Ho Hyeon, and Kang Min are introduced in the first set of debut photos, with a photo and their birthdate.

Original Article: 

TS Entertainment has revealed details for their upcoming boy group!

The name of this 10-member group is TRCNG, which stands for “Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation.” They will be making their debut on October 10.

As previously reported, all 10 members were born after 2000, making their average age 15.9 years.

TS Entertainment also released a teaser video for TRCNG, showing a glimpse of the members’ childhood photos along with their names: Ji Hun, Ha Young, Tae Seon, Hak Min, Woo Yeop, Ji Sung, Hyun Woo, Si Woo, Ho Hyeon, and Kang Min.

Check out the teaser below!

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