Yang Hyun Suk Confirms Participation Of JYP Trainee In His Survival Show, Also Wants SM Trainee

On September 19, a press conference was held for upcoming YG survival program “MIXNINE.”

Although Yang Hyun Suk was not in attendance, an interview with him was revealed.

He shared through the video, “The biggest question for me is whether or not to have YG trainees participate in ‘MIXNINE.’ I recently had a phone call with Park Jin Young, and we confirmed the participation of a JYP trainee, so I am also considering including YG trainees.”

Yang Hyun Suk added, “I also hope trainees from SM will participate.”

“MIXNINE” is an upcoming reality competition show which will feature Yang Hyun Suk visiting agencies to discover new stars. The show is produced by Han Dong Chul, who previously worked on “Produce 101” and “Show Me the Money.”

The first episode of “MIXNINE” will air on October 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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