All The Sensational Feels: 9 Reasons Why You Should Stan SF9

It’s been a year since we first saw SF9 debut with “Fanfare,” and the nine members have showed us incredible improvement and amazing performances so far! Fantasies could probably list a thousand reasons to start stanning the group, and it’s easy to get that “Sensational Feeling” once you get to know them.

It’s time to discover SF9 and hear their “Roar”! Here are nine reasons why they deserve your attention:

1. They are talented AF

Debuting as FNC Entertainment’s first dance boy group, the SF9 members are a full package: they are excellent dancers, amazing vocalists, and powerful rappers. They are often praised for their complex and jaw-dropping choreographies. Take “K.O” for example; these moves left everyone shook.

2. They are full of bops…

Who are we kidding, they’ve surprised us with unique, but extremely catchy tracks for every comeback! “Fanfare” is an ultimate party jam and it’s hard to forget the iconic “hey little mama” from “Roar.” Their 2017 single “Easy Love” just showed us how much they matured musically, and it’s one of the greatest songs of the year!

3. …and hidden gems!

It’s impressive how strong SF9’s b-sides are! Choosing the title songs from each album must have been a real struggle because it’s literally hard to find a song that wouldn’t win our hearts. “Watch Out” from their latest album became a fan favorite, and the early 2000s feeling is just too epic to ignore!

4. Their visuals are on point

If you are looking for a group with breath-taking visuals, SF9 is perfect for you! Rowoon might be the official visual of the group, but believe me, every member has his own charm. Some of them are blessed with cute smiles and puppy-like features, while others are ready to win the girls over with their manly charisma. Every photo shoot of them is a gift we should treasure!

5. They do amazing covers

Even before their debut, the boys often showed their own versions of legendary K-pop songs, and their dance covers gained them great popularity. No wonder, as their sharp movements and synchronization do justice to their respected seniors.

Look at their covers of INFINITE’s “Be Mine,” EXO’s “Growl,” and BTS’s “I Need You”!

6. They know how to be extra

Let’s be real, basically everything Dawon does is the definition of extra, but the others can be real troublemakers, too. Just look at them trying to create an ASMR video for “Roar,” and you will understand what I’m talking about.

7. …and they are extremely funny!

Prepare yourself for unstoppable laughter if you plan to stan SF9, because there’s no room for boredom and sadness with them! The members are naturally funny and they never run out of hilarious gags and sassy comebacks.

8. They are the winners of every high note battle

SF9 once had a very serious high note battle with the members of Cross Gene on “Weekly Idol,” but it was impossible to compete against Dawon’s and Hwiyoung’s squeals. If you’re watching this video with headphones on, be careful!

9. Every day is a beautiful fantasy with them

SF9 calls their fans their “Fantasies,” but we’re actually the ones living in a dream because of them! The boys are incredibly humble and thankful for the love and support they’ve received these past months, and they take every opportunity to express their gratitude while working hard to do their best.

Plus, their interactions with fans are the cutest!

What do you love most about SF9? Let us know in the comments below!

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