Watch: Lee Min Ki And Jung So Min Negotiate Living Together In “Because This Is My First Life” Teaser

A fun teaser has dropped for tvN’s upcoming drama “Because This is My First Life.”

The video shows Yoon Ji Ho (played by Jung So Min) and Nam Sae Hee (played by Lee Min Ki) sitting across from each other and negotiating living conditions as a renter and homeowner respectively. Both give each other demands while also taking concessions as they decide the rent, pet care, and when to move in.

At one point, Nam Sae Hee has an emotional outburst and there’s a tense moment where it seems like the negotiations will fall through, but then he he says, “I accept your offer because you’re really not my style at all,” and a deal is struck.

“Because This is My First Life” tells the story of Yoon Ji Ho going from a homeless person to living with homeowner Nam Sae Hee. The drama will be the follow-up production to “Argon” and will begin airing its first episode on October 9 at 10:50 p.m. KST.