Daughter Of Late Singer Kim Kwang Seok Confirmed To Have Passed Away 10 Years Ago

Earlier reports of Kim Kwang Seok’s daughter passing away 10 years ago are now confirmed to be true.

On September 20, the Yongin Dongbu Police Station revealed, “Seo Yeon, who was living in Yongin at the time, was transferred to a university hospital in Suwon during the early hours of December 23, 2007 and passed away that day,” and added, “The incident concluded without any criminal charges as a result of the autopsy.”

Kim Seo Yeon was taken to the hospital after her mother called the police, but she passed away at the age of 16.

The Yongin police also shared that she died due to acute pneumonia, and there are hospital records which verify that she received treatment a few days prior.

Previously, it was publicized that she left for the United States with her mother in March 2008, but now it has been revealed that she had already passed away at that time.

Kim Seo Yeon’s father Kim Kwang Seok was a popular singer who passed away reportedly by suicide in 1996. His songs such as “On the Street,” “Love Has Gone,” “A Letter From a Private,” and “Song of My Life” still receive lots of love to this day.

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